Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Talk121 Definite Party Live Chat Hangout

Fred from Oklahoma writes...

Dear Talk121, Thank you for the live chat lines that you offer! I live here in Norman, Oklahoma, and often, live chat lines are only available for bigger cities. I couldn’t believe that you have a 405 number available! I called it about an hour ago, and ended up talking to an Oklahoma City girl who likes line dancing and a lot of the things that I like, too! I couldn't believe it. She shows her livestock at the county fair, and also breeds show goats. And I breed show pigs! The last time I called a live chat line was a year ago, and I ended up talking with some girl in Kansas City. She was really nice, but there was no way we were going to get together. This OK City girl, though, damn! I’m willing to get in my truck and drive to meet her! She sounds real, and hot: blue jeans, boots, and a t-shirt. Blond hair and a tan…damn! No offense, but she has the Kansas City babe beat cold! Anyhow, I'll write as soon as I meet Miss Oklahoma City. I want to take her line-dancing and to meet my friends. Thanks for the local women who call your live chat.