Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dating Rules all Women Should Live By

by TW Jackson

When it comes to dating tips these dating rules are rules that women everywhere would benefit from following. Not only will they help you have safer dates but also help you remember what dating is all about. It isn't about finding the perfect man or sinking your hooks into a potential husband. It's about going out and having a good time with a member of the opposite sex. So, what are the rules and how will they help?

Make your first date one that is fairly public. No matter how well you know the guy don't go off sailing the seven seas or hiking in the middle of nowhere on your first date. In all honesty it's best to wait several dates and really get to know him a little better before you leave the comfort and safety of public places for your date.

Enjoy yourself on your date. Dates are about having fun. If you're not letting your hair down and having some fun the odds are good that he isn't either. If you really want to make a good impression on him, focus your efforts on having a good time and not on making a good impression.

Be yourself. It doesn't matter how wonderfully the date goes if you're pretending to be someone you are not the entire time. This will waste a lot of time and really leave him feeling a bit betrayed once the real you begins to shine through. Be yourself, for better or worse, on every date - including the first. If you do this you'll find that whether or not things work out between you it was probably for the best.

There's no rush to the finish line. Take your time and really get to know him while you're dating. There's no reason to put any pressure on either of you. It's much better to take one day at a time and learn a lot about each other in the process than it is to rush right in only to find out too late that you aren't a good match.

Don't give too much away on the first date. Kissing on the first date was once only something that "those girls" did. Times have changed to some degree but if you give too much away on the first date he might get the wrong message. Instead, do nothing more than a goodnight kiss on the first date and see what kind of sparks will fly on the second date.

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